Knight Online February Rebirth Event – 8 Weeks

Knight Online has announced that they will make a rebirth event in 16th February 2017. The event will go on about 8 weeks. If you would like to participate to event you will need to upgrade a +7 unique item or a +7 high class item to rebirth +1 or more.

These are rewards which players can earn with this event:

Rebirth +1: Genie Pack and Genie Hammer

Rebirth +2: Minerva Package

Rebirth +3: Blue Alencia Wings (It will last in 15 days)

Rebirth +4:  Oreads Voucher (It will last in 30 days) and Magic Bag.

Rebirth +5: A New Emblem (It will last in 30 days).

Click on image below to see prizes.

When will February Rebirth Event Last?

If the KO Team doesn’t change the final date of this event, February Rebirth Event will last 12th April 2017. If you would like to get one of these prizes, you should be hurry!

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