Massive Discount Promotion by NTTGame for Knight Online

There is a discount for premium items on Knight Online by NTTGame in April 2017. The massive discount will be applied for many items on the game and you can now purchase these items for cheaper prices. You can also purchase premium items like Switching Premium, Exp Premium, DISC Premium, War Premium, Platinum Premium, Bronze Premium, Gold Premium, Name Change Scroll, Character Seal Scroll, Nation Transfer and Clan Contribution. You can check more items at forums of Knight Online. Knight Online has announced that end date of the promotion is unknown yet. We recommend you to stock your premium items if you are playing Knight Online (USKO) regularly.

Some of Discounts in the April Promotion of NTTGame

  • Switching Premium’s price is 2697 NPoints now, its original price was 3596 NPoints.
  • EXP Premium price is 2097 NPoints now and its original price was 2796.
  • DISC Premium price is 1619 Npoints now and its original price was 2159.
  • War Premium price is 1949 NPoints now and its original price was 2599.
  • Platinum Premium price is 1817 Npoints now and its original price was 2796.

You can find more items and more discounts at Knight Online’s forum announce page. There are discounts at more than 100 items on this massive discount promotion. You can share your ideas about this promotion with commenting on this page.


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