Aiding Fork Town Quest

Aiding Fork Town is a quest that can be taken from Potrang in Moradon Castle. This is very simple quest and all you need to do is delivering a quest item to a NPC on the game. You will not need to kill anything or loot items. You will need to travel Fork Town. You can do it through Karus warp gates or El Morad warp gates in Moradon Castle. You can see this two buildings in the entrance of the castle. We are going to tell you how to complete this quest on here and will mention about rewards.

How to Complete Aiding Fork Town Quest

  • Visit Potrang in Moradon Castle, select him with your mouse and right click on him.
  • Select “Aiding Fork Town” button from the quest options.
  • Potrang is going to tell you he needs you to deliver a form to Jed in Fork Town.
  • Click on “Confirm” button and accept the quest.
  • Go through El Morad warp gate or Karus warp gate in the castle.
  • Select the warp gate and right click on right warp gate.
  • Click on “Folk Village” from the options and hit enter.
  • Warrior Jed located west of the town, select him and right click on him.
  • Select “Produce of Support Requests” from the options.
  • Click on “I see” button for complete the task and earn rewards.


  • 50.000 Experience Points

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