Amelie’s Truth Quest

Amelie’s Truth quest appears just when you complete the Gone Missing in Folk Town mission of Jed. You will need to take this quest from the Jed again. After you found the Emelie’s ring from zombies in graveyard, Jed starts to be anxious about that. However she is his love and he wants to go Amelie and ask about the ring that you have found in graveyard. You don’t need to go hunt any creature for this easy quest. If you have any question about the quest, you can ask us on here.

How to Complete Amelie’s Truth Quest

  • Go to Jed in Folk Village and right click on him.
  • Click on “You got it” for begin the mission. After you clicked on that button you will see Jed anxious.
  • Go to Amelie and right click on her. Click on “The truth about Amelie”.
  • Then click on “I have undertaken to ask you something” twice.
  • Tell her you have found the ring “At the burial ground”.
  • Amelie will tell you she probably lost it when she was visiting father’s grave. Click on “I am right here” and then click on “Confirm”.
  • Go to Jed back and report the chat to him.
  • Click on “Happy (normal Jed)”.


  • 25.000 Experience Points

Tips for Amelie’s Truth Quest

  • This quest is a part of a combination of serial quests. Go on to talk to Jed to get more quests.

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