Antidote Quest

Antidote is an easy quest with a good experience reward in Knight Online. You can earn about 500.000 experience with completing this quest and you will need to bring only 3 apples of Moradon to Berret in Folk Village. This quest appears after you complete the Fishing Float Material mission. We are going to tell you how to complete this quest easily on this page. We will also mention about rewards and tips on here.

How to Complete Antidote Quest on Knight Online

  • Go to Folk Village and meet Berret there, right click on him
  • Click on “Antidote” button from the options.
  • Berret will tell you there is a big trouble and Antidote needed. Click on “What just happened?” button.
  • Berret is going to tell you what happened in the village. Click on “Where can I find it?”
  • He will ask you to kill a few Pincers and deliver 3 apples of Moradon to him. Click on “Help” button to accept the mission.
  • If you already have apples of Moradon, complete the quest immediately.
  • If you don’t have these items, don’t spend your time with killing Pincers. Click on Town button and go to Moradon Castle. Kill a few worms in front of the castle. They will drop Apples of Moradon. When you have 3 apples in your inventory, go back to Folk Village again.
  • Meet Berret and right click on him. Click on “Antidote [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on “Receive” button to earn your rewards and complete the quest.


  • 500,000 Experience Points


  • You can collect Apples of Moradon from any creature in Moradon Castle. We recommend you to go kill a few worms to get quest items as soon as possible. Collecting apples from Pincers will take your too much time.

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