Bandicoot Hunt Quest on Knight Online

Bandicoot hunt is the second quest that you can get from Moradon on Knight Online. The first quest is Worm Hunt. Bandicoots are the weakest creatures after worms on the game and it is not very hard to complete to quests. We are going to provide some information for this quest on this page and we will tell you how to complete it. It will be quite easy for you. Your character doesn’t need to be very strong or you don’t need good items to complete the quest. All you need to have is health potions, armours and weapon(s). You will get some coins and experience points after you complete this task.

How to Complete Bandicoot Hunt

  1. If you are not in Moradon Castle, click on Town and get inside of the castle.
  2. Go to Sentinel (Guard) Patrick. If you don’t know where is, please click here to locate Patrick.
  3. Guard Patrick will ask you if you have seen monsters that looks like rats.
  4. Click on “Yes, I just saw him”.
  5. Then click on accepted button and get the quest.
  6. You will need to go out of Moradon Castle then turn right and pass between Arena locations.
  7. After you have passed between Arena locations, turn right and begin to hunt Bandicoot.
  8. There is a Field Boss creature¬†which is called Bandiking. It is not very powerful but it can chase you while hunting Bandicoots. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on your health if he is around.
  9. Kill 5 Bandicoots and turn back to Moradon Castle. (Click on Town)
  10. Go to Patrick again and right click on him.
  11. Click on confirm button to complete to quests


You will receive these after you complete this task:

  • 375 Experience Points
  • 2700 Coin

Tips for Bandicoot Quest

  • Don’t forget to wear your armours, hold your weapons.
  • Place your skills, health potions and mana potions to your skill bar.
  • Keep your eyes on Bandiking and your health.
  • Loot all items from the chests. Keep quests items (Such as Apples of Moradon) and sell useless items to NPCs.

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