Bandicoot Tooth Quest

Bandicoot Tooth is the second quest you can get from Grand Merchant’s Daughter Menissiah. There were Bandicoot Tooth in Knight Online in the past. Bandicoots and similar monsters like them were dropping these quest items. However a few years ago they have removed these quest items and replace them with Apples of Moradon. The quest still has the same name but the item you should deliver to Menissiah has been changed. You need to kill a few Bandicoots for this quests and deliver Apples of Moradon to NPC. Actually you can even kill worms for looting apples. However we believe that, playing a game with the rules will make you closer to role play. Knight Online has lost role play speciality for years ago and it seems it will never take it back.

Actually this quest very similar with Bandicoot Hunt quest which you can get from Guard Patrick. However Guard Patrick is only asking you to hunt them. Menissiah requires quest items for completing it.

How to Complete Bandicoot Tooth Quest

  • Go to Moradon if you are not there and click on town button.
  • After you click on town, go west near of Karus warp gate, you will see Menissiah there.
  • Select Menissiah and right click on her.
  • Se will want you to help her about Bandicoots and she will tell you she cannot going out. Actually this is a lie, she just scare from rats.
  • Click on “OK” button to go further for getting quest.
  • Then click on “Accepted” button to start quest.
  • Then go to Bandicoots area. Bandicoots are located just west of the Melee Arena.
  • Kill some of them and try gather 2 Apples of Moradon.
  • After you collected enough amount of apples for complete to task, click on town button to turn back Moradon Castle.
  • Go to Menissiah for retrieving items, select her and then right click her to begin conversation.
  • Click on “Bandicoot tooth [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Then click on exchange to complete task and earn your rewards.


  • 850 Coin
  • 3500 Experience Point

Tips for Bandicoot Tooth Quest

  • Don’t forget to wear your best armours and weapons.
  • Place your health and mana potion into your skill bar.
  • Place your main skills to your skill bar.
  • While you are hunting in Bandicoot area, keep your eyes on your health. Sometimes Fieldboss Bandiking can chase you. It doesn’t hurt much but if you don’t watch your health, your adventure can end up with experience lose and death.

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