Big and Shiny Quest

Big and Shiny Quest is an easy quest that you can take from Warrior Jed in Folk Village. This quest will appear after you complete the Jewelry mission of Jed. You have make jeweler to prepare a ring for Jed in last quest. In Big and Shiny, Jed won’t able to give his proposal ring to Amelie and he will want you to help him. This quest doesn’t take too much time to complete and you can finish it in a few seconds.

How to Complete Big and Shiny Quest

  • Ask nervous Jed, “What is going on?” through clicking on the button.
  • Jed will tell you he couldn’t give ring to his love Amelie and he will want you to do it for him.
  • You need to tell him “Side the man … so … I’m (runners)”.
  • He will tell you to hurry, tell him “Yes, sir”.
  • Now you need to go to near of Amelie in Folk Village, right click on her.
  • Click on “Big, shiny” button.
  • She will ask you “What is this” and click on “Have delivered a guy named Jed”.
  • She will be attracted by the ring and she will ask you it’s from the Jed? Click on Yes. The mind wants to convey.
  • Amelie will ask you to Jed should give the ring her. Click on “Suddenly appeared Jigsaw”.
  • Then Jed comes and click on Next button over and over. Select “Ugh… What is this guy”.
  • Amelie will tell she is going to accept the ring but she will think about the love. Select “I got in the end, What is this girl?”
  • Go Jed again and complete the quest.

The impossible love will not finish with this quest. You can check our incoming post for another quest of the Jed.


  • 50.000 Experience Points

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