Bilbor’s Gift Quest

Bilbor’s Gift is a quest that you can take from Bilbor in Moradon. All you need to do is taking quest from Bilbor and levelling to 35 for this quest. The quest is also called “Promise of Training” in the game. After you get the quest, you are getting a scroll which is called “Promise of Training” also like we have shown in the picture below.

Keep this item in your inventory until you get the 35th level. Let us tell you more about this quest and rewards.

How to Complete Bilbor’s Gift Quest

  • Go to Bilbor in Moradon and right click on him.
  • Click on Bilbor’s Gift and get the item which is called “Promise of Training”.
  • After you get 35th level, click on “Town” button and get into Moradon Castle.
  • Vist Bilbor and right click on him and click on “Bilbor’s gift” button.
  • Click on Promise to Practise button and then “Next”.
  • You will see the list of rewards in your game screen.
  • Click on “Confirm” button to complete the quest and earn your rewards from Bilbor.


  • 3 Scroll of Armor 200 (Increase your Character’s defence by 200)
  • 3 Scroll of 1000 HP Up (Increase your Character health 1000)
  • 3 Speed-Up Potion (Increases speed of your character by 150 percent)
  • 3 Ascent Scroll (Increases experience gain twenty percent for an hour)


  • Do not use scrolls you got from this quest immediately. You will need these items more in the future.
  • Bilbor will ask you to visit Mercenary Captain Cougar in Moradon Castle. Go visit him as Bilbor told you.

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