Bilbor’s Trust Quest

Bilbor’s Trust is need to be gained for complete to gaining trust quest in Knight Online. The mission will appear after you get the quest from Potrang. Bilbor is going to give you a special mission since you want to earn his trust and you will need to complete this mission for earning the token which you will need. You will also earn some good amount of experience points if you manage to complete this mission. The mission is not very hard and you will need to go Moradon Harbor to kill some looters there. However he wants something that looters will drop in the chest after they die that calls secret account book. After you retrieve this item to Bilbor, you will complete to quest. Let’s tell you how to do it, step by step.

How to Complete Bilbor’s Trust Quest

  • Go to Moradon and find Bilbor there. Please ensure that you have already taken gaining trust mission from Potrang.
  • Right click on Bilbor and click on Bilbor’s trust button.
  • He will tell you “I have a request for you” and you will need to answer him “What?”
  • He will ask you to eliminate some Looters in Moradon Port and and find the Secret Account book for him.
  • Click on Accepted to get the quest.
  • Go to Maradon Port and kill some Looters there until you find the book.
  • After you find the book, return to Maradon and meet with Bilbor again.
  • Click on Bilbor’s Trust and click on Complete button to finish quest.


  • 15,000 Experience Points
  • Token that Represents Bilbor’s Trust

Tips for Bilbor’s Trust Quest

  • Looters don’t hurt much, you can do the quest with melee easily.

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