Characteristic of Weapon Offering Striking Power Quest

This is another quest that will help you to understand how to upgrade an item with elemental scroll. We have told you about another upgrade quest Upgrade to Strengthen Weapons. It is similar with this quest, however all you need to do is upgrading the item with elemental scroll. We have completed Trade with Menissiah Quest and we have earned some elemental scrolls from this quest. If you haven’t done this quest, we recommend you to do it. You will able to earn these items with exchanging a few apples of Moradon.

How to Complete Characteristic of Weapon Offering Striking Power Quest

  • Meet with Hepa in Moradon Castle.
  • Right click on Hepa. He will give you some information on upgrading items with elemental scrolls.
  • Click on “Confirm” button and then accepted button to get quest.
  • Click on “Town” and climb upstairs of Moradon.
  • Just after you climb upstairs, keep going west until you see “Weapon Merchant Gargameth”.
  • Purchase a Dagger (+1) from Gargameth.
  • Go to Magic Anvil which is located at the middle of Moradon bazaar.
  • Select it and right click on it and then click on “Upgrade Item”.
  • Right click on “Dagger (+1)” and right click on “Elemental Scroll (Low Class Item)”. This will place all items automatically.
  • Then click on Confirm on upgrade window two times.
  • Get the item from Anvil and head back to Blacksmith Hepa.
  • Right click on Hepa and you will see the reward screen.
  • Click on Accepted button to complete Characteristic of Weapon Offering Striking Power Quest.


  • 50.000 coin


  • You don’t need to purchase Low Class Elemental Scroll from Charon for this quest since Menissiah is already have a task for getting these items. You can gather 3 scrolls with exchanging a few apples of Moradon.

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