Collecting Wolfman’s Fangs Quest

It is a quest which you can obtain from Blacksmith Hepa in Moradon Castle. Hepa thinks that fangs can be useful for producing weapons and he makes a research about that. However he needs someone who can bring these fangs for him and it is you… Werewolf fangs were existing in the game as a quest item for years ago. However Knight Online Team has made a change for the most of newbie quest items and replaced all them with apples of Moradon which can be obtained almost every creatures in Moradon. Werewolf Fangs doesn’t exist in KO at the moment but there are still some quests about them. Collecting Wolfman’s Fangs is one of these task. It is easy and you can easily complete this quest. Let’s tell you how to do it…

How to Complete Collecting Wolfman’s Fangs Quest

  • Go to Blacksmith Hepa who is located west of the castle, right click on him and click on “Collecting Wolfman’s Fangs”.
  • Hepa will give you information about his researches on Werewolf Fangs and he will tell you he needs apples of Moradon for his research.
  • Click on “Confirm” button to go ahead and then click on “Accepted” button for getting the task.
  • You will need to collect 3 apples of Moradon to complete this task.
  • Go out of Moradon Castle and kill a few worms or bandicoots there. Open chests and try to gather 3 apples.
  • When you manage to get 3 apples, click on town button and return to Moradon Castle. Visit Hepa and right click on him again.
  • Click on “Collecting Wolfman’s Fangs [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on “Compensation” to complete the quest and get rewards.


  • 25,000 Experience Points


  • Hepa is going to ask you to kill Werewolves for this quest, but they are quite far away and you can obtain apples of Moradon from Worms. Kill worms and collect 3 apples really quick.

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