Discipline Quest in Knight Online

Discipline quest can be taken from Mercenary Captain Cougar in Moradon Castle and you will need to head east of the castle to meet him in Knight Online. He will have some nice quests for you and Discipline quest is one of them. We are going to tell you how to do this task, rewards and tips on this page.

How to Complete Discipline Quest

  • Click on town while you are in Moradon and head east of the castle. You will see Cougar in front of you very soon.
  • Right click on him and click on “Discipline” and “Confirm” buttons.
  • Then “Accepted” button to get quest.
  • Captain Cougar will teleport you in a prison to eliminate some Orcs.
  • You need to collect five certificate of duel while you are hunting them. So don’t forget to open chests and loot items.
  • Almost all Orc Prisoners are dropping these certificates, so killing 5 orcs will be enough for you.
  • After you collect certificates, go near of judge and right click on him then select “I want to leave”.
  • Go to Captain Cougar again, right click on him and select ” Discipline [Before Compensation]”
  • Select your reward and then click on “Exchange” button. Get your rewards and finish to quest.


  • 10,000 Experience Points
  • 30,000 Coins
  • An armour (Low Class)


  • All Orc Prisoners are dropping certificates. Just don’t forget to loot chest, you will able to finish this easy quest in seconds.

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