Familiar (Pet) Quest in Knight Online

If you would like to have a pet (familiar) in Knight Online, this quest will help you to get one. This pet will be belong to you and it will have many skills that you can use. There will be various looking of them. You can try your luck with the scrolls and you can try transform into stronger creatures. We are going to give you more details about that later for you. Now, we are going to tell you how to have a pet in Knight Online with complete a task. This is going to be an easy quest for you if you are even a beginner in the game.

Knight Online Pet Quest

  • Go to west in Moradon Castle until you see Familiar Tamer Kate. (She is located in castle, please don’t search her outside of the castle).
  • Right click on her and click on “Yes” button.
  • He will ask you to hunt worms, bandicoots, kekoons and bulcans. You will need to eliminate 10 of these each creatures.
  • Click on “Accepted” button to get the quest. Get ready to hunt the creatures that we have told you above.
  • Go outside of Moradon Castle and follow the path. You will see any creature you need in the path for this quest.
  • After you killed each of these creatures, you can town back to Moradon Castle and meet Kate again.
  • Right click on her and click on yes button to earn your rewards. Now you have a Kaul egg!


  • Kaul Egg (This item may transform into a pet)
  • Familiar Summon (These items will help you to summon the familiar. However you will need to transform the egg first)


  • You don’t only need to kill one type of creatures for this quest. Example: Kate wants you to kill earthworms and worms but you can also kill bloodworms for this quest. Bandicoots= Scavenger Bandicoots. Bulcans= Wild Bulcans. Kecoons= Kecoon Warriors.

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