Finding Sharine Quest

Finding Sharine Quest is one of the quests which Jed in Folk Village gives at Knight Online. The quest appears after the left behind task. Disappointed Jed started to focus of security of Folk Village and he is looking for disappearing people of the village. One of these people is Sharine (potion researcher) and he will ask for you to look for some evidence about his disappearing. You will need to look in boxes to find evidences. This is quite simple quest and you will able to get some good rewards with completing this quest. You will need to deliver some quest items to Jed for completing this task. Let’s give you more details.

How to Complete Finding Sharine Quest

  • Visit Jed in Folk Village and right click on him to get the quest.
  • Click on “Finding Sharine” and then “You got it. Please leave.”
  • Jed will ask you to collect 4 apples of Moradon to complete this task and he asks you to find a journal in suspicious boxes.
  • You can see the suspicious box in the middle of Folk Village. Click right on it and open it. Journal will be added to your inventory.
  • Go to Moradon Castle with clicking on town and gather 4 apples from worms.
  • Turn back to Folk Village and visit Jed again.
  • Click on Finding Sharine [Before Compensation] button.
  • Click on “Well” button and complete the quest.


  • 100,000 Experience Points
  • 3 Ascent Scroll (Increases XP Gain by 20 percent for an hour)


  • Gather apples of Moradon from worms immediately instead of hunting stronger creatures.

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