Fishing Float Material Quest

This quest can be taken from Berret in Folk Vilage.  You can get good amount of experience points as rewards and you will able to reach other quests of [Entrepot Trader] Berret. This is quite easy quest since Beret will want you to bring him some apples of Moradon. Let’s tell you how to complete this mission and give you more information about rewards.

How to Complete Fishing Float Material Quest

  • Go to Folk Village through the warp gates in Moradon Castle.
  • Meet Berret and right click on him and then click on “Fishing Float Material”.
  • Berret will introduce himself to you. Click on “Confirm” button twice to get the quest.
  • If you already have apples of Moradon, complete the quest immediately. If you don’t have any go to Moradon Castle and kill a few worms there. We recommend you to gather 30 apples of Moradon at the least for complete the incoming quests immediately.
  • Berret requests you to  bring 3 apples for this quest. If you have enough apples to complete this task, go back to Folk Village.
  • Right click on Berret and click on “Fishing Float Material [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Select a suitable reward for your character in the game and click on “Trade” button.
  • Now, you received your rewards and complete the quest.


  • 30,000 Experience Points
  • 100,000 Coin
  • Select one of These Rewards: +6 Half Plate Pads (Warrior), +6 Rogue Half Plate Pads, +6 Mage Linen Pants, +6 Silk Pants (Priest)


  • Apples of Moradon can be found from any creature in Moradon Castle. Berret has full of quests about these apples. We recommend you to kill many worms at Moradon Castle and gather apples as much as you can. You don’t need to kill Lycans for complete this quest.

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