Gaining Trust Quest

Gaining trust quest can be taken from Potrang in Knight Online and you need to complete some certain tasks of other NPCs on the game to complete this tasks. There are four steps of this tasks and we are going to tell you all of them for you on this page. All these four tasks will help you to gain trust of 4 different NPCs. These NPCs are Bilbor, Kaishan, Patrick and Menissiah. These 4 individuals will give you only one or several tasks to complete and you are going to gain their trusts. You will gain more experience while you are doing these tasks and you will also gain some coins and items. You need to earn 4 trust tokens for complete to task.

How to Complete Gaining Trust Quest

There are 4 steps to complete this quest.

Gain Trust of Guard Patrick

You don’t need to do something particular for gaining trust of Patrick. Just do the quests he will give you and he will give you the trust token automatically. You should do the following quests for earning trust token from Patrick:

  1. Worm Hunting
  2. Bandicoot Hunt
  3. Kecoon Hunting
  4. Bulcan Hunting
  5. Wild Bulcan Hunting

You will receive trust token after you complete these 5 tasks.

Gain Trust of Menissiah

You don’t also need to do something special for gaining trust of Menissiah. You need to complete three quest of her. Then you will get the token automatically.

  1. Silk Spool
  2. Bandicoot Tooth
  3. Making Antifebriles Pellets

After you have complete these 3 tasks you will able to earn token of Menissiah.

Gain Trust of Bilbor

Bilbor is going to give you a special task to gain his trust unlike Menissiah and Patrick. Click here to get more information on Bilbor’s Trust quest.

Gain Trust of Kaishan

Kaishan will ask you to do something special for him as same as Bilbor. You can click here to learn more about Kaishan’s Trust Quest.


  • 15.000 Experience Points when you give all tokens to Potrang. However you will earn more than that while you are doing all required quests.
  • 2,000 Coin
  • More coins and items while you are completing required tasks of this quest.

Tips for Gaining Trust Quests

  • Don’t forget to get quest from Potrang. That’s how Bilbor will give you to quest. Otherwise the quest won’t appear at him.

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