Gemstone of Courage Quest

Gemstone of Courage quest can be taken from Mercenary Captain Cougar in east of Moradon Castle and it’s a quest which is very similar with Discipline mission of Cougar. You will receive an armor and good amount of experience with this quest. You are going to learn how to complete this mission and how to get the mission on here. We will also mention about rewards and tips on this page for you.

How to Complete Gemstone of Courage Quest

  • If you are in Moradon click on “Town” button and head west in the castle until you see [Mercenary Captain] Cougar. Right click on him and click on “Gemstone of Courage” button.
  • Cougar will tell you your time has came for the test and click “Confirm” button and then “Accepted” button to get the quest.
  • Cougar will teleport you into the quest blood don area immediately after you get the quest.
  • Now you will need to collect 10 Gem of bravery.
  • Every blood don is dropping these gems. So don’t forget to open chests to loot gems.
  • You will complete the quest after you have hunted 10 blood dons.
  • After you collect gems, go near of “Judge” in blood don area and right click on him.
  • Click on “Yes. I want to leave” for go back into Moradon Castle. Judge will teleport you to Moradon Castle now.
  • Meet cougar again and right click on him.
  • Select your armor reward first and then click on “Exchange” button. Now, you completed the quest and earn your rewards


  • 150,000 Experience Points
  • Select one of These Rewards: +6 Half Plate Pauldron (Warrior), +6 Rogue Half Plate Pauldron, +6 Mage Linen Robe, +6 Silk Coat (Priest)


  • Don’t forget to select an armor which will suit your character after you complete the quest.
  • All blood dons are dropping gem of bravery, take these quest items from every chests you will get from monsters.

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  1. I have noticed that you have given quests of Moradon only? You won’t give quests from EMC or Luferson Castle?

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