Giant Bulcan Hunting Quest

Giant Bulcan hunting is an easy quest that you can take from Guard Patrick in Moradon Castle at Knight Online. You will receive good amount of potions after you complete this quest and it will help your account economy a little bit. You will also get a piece of armor for your class. The quest appears after you complete the Kecoon Captain hunt mission. You don’t need to be very powerful to complete this quest at all. You won’t also need to gather quest items to complete it. All you need to do is eliminating Giant Bulcans.

How to Complete Giant Bulcan Quest

  • Go to Moradon and find Guard Patrick there.
  • Click right on Guard Patrick and select “Giant Bulcan Hunting”.
  • Guard Patrick will give you some tips about Bulcan hunt.
  • Click on “Confirm” and then click on “Accepted” button at next page.
  • You will need to kill 10 Giant Bulcans.
  • Go out of Moradon and follow the path until you see these creatures.
  • Kill 10 Giant Bulcans and go back to Moradon and meet Patrick again.
  • Right click on him and click on “Giant Bulcan Hunting [Before Compensation]”.
  • Select one of the rewards which will suit to your stat points.
  • Click on confirm to complete the quest.


  • 15.000 Experience Points
  • 30 Water of love
  • 20 Potion of Sagacity
  • Select one of these reward: Half Plate Gauntlet +6 (Warrior), Rogue Gauntlet +6, Mage Leather Gloves +6, Priest Gauntlet +6

Tips for Giant Bulcan Hunting

  • Please ensure that you equip your items.
  • You can find Giant Bulcans on Maradon Castle path.

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