Giant Gavolt Hunting Quest

Giant Gavolt hunting is a quest that you can get from Patrick in Moradon at Knight Online. This quest can be hard for you if there are other players in the slot. However you can join a party if there is any player created one. After you complete this task, you will receive good amount of experience points. However there is not any other rewards for Giant Gavolt hunt quest. You can get this quest after you have done Giant Bulcan Hunt from guard Patrick. Giant Gavolts are a little bit stronger than normal gavolts. If the slot is empty you can hunt these monsters easily though.

How to Complete Giant Gavolt Hunting Quest

  • Go to Patrick in Moradon and right click on him.
  • Click on “Giant Gavolt hunting” button.
  • Click on confirm and accepted button to get quest.
  • Get ready for hunting these creatures. If you have any range skill, place it into your skill bar.
  • You will need to kill 10 Giant Gavolts in this mission. Go to Gavolt area and kill 10 of these creatures.
  • Turn back to Moradon Castle, meet Patrick and right click on him again.
  • Select “Giant Gavolt Hunting¬†[Before Compensation]”.
  • Click on “Confirm” button to complete quest and earn rewards.


  • 47,500 Experience Points

Tips for Giant Gavolt Hunt

  • If you see any party in Gavolt area, we recommend you to join it. You can ask players to join one or if you there is any player hunting alone, you can ask him to create a party.
  • If you have any range skills and if you couldn’t find any party, we recommend you to use your range skills.

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