Glyptodont Hunt Quest

Glyptodont hunt is one of the hardest quests which you can do while you are a beginner in the game.  You can take this quest from Patrick in Moradon. The mission appears after you complete the Werewolf Skin task. You can hardly kill Glyptodonts alone if you don’t have a good weapon. You will need a party to kill it and there are many people who can assist you about that on the game. Glyptodons are very strong, tanky and big creatures. When you complete this task, you will earn many good rewards. We will tell you how to complete this quest on here and you will able to find some tips.

How to Complete Glyptodont Hunt Quest

  • Go to Moradon and find Guard Patrick there.
  • Right click on Patrick and click on “Glyptodont Hunt”.
  • Guard Patrick will ask you that you are looking for that big creature and you will need to answer him “Yes”.
  • You will see the reward screen in your game window, click on “Accepted” to get quest.
  • Go Folk Village for getting closer to Glyptodonts.
  • Eliminate only one Glyptodont and go back to Moradon with clicking on town button.
  • Meet Patrick and right click on him.
  • Click on “Glyptodont Hunt [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Confirm to earn rewards and complete the task.


  • 50,000 Experience Points
  • 30 Water of Grace (360 HP Recovery Potion)
  • 30 Potion of Wisdom (960 MP Recovery Potion)

Tips for Glyptodont Hunt

  • If you are alone and planning to hunt Glyptodont alone, you will need to bring several HP Potions near of you. Glyptodonts will damage you badly and they can kill you in two or three hits while you are at low levels.
  • Drink HP potions (Water of Life) over and over while you are killing these creatures.
  • Try find someone to help you, if you can not kill these big creatures alone.

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