Gone Missing in Folk Town Quest

Gone Missing in Folk (Fork) Town is a quest that you can earn good amount of experience. You will need to deliver some quest items to Jed for complete the task. You will need to look for some evidences in Graveyard. Because of Folk Town villagers has vanished in that area. Jed is going to give some details about incident. You will need to kill some Undying creatures to gather these items and you need some Apples of Moradon. Graveyard is very close to Folk Town and you won’t need to search much for this location. The quest appears after you complete the Amelie’s Acceptance mission. We are going to give more detailed information about this quest for you at below. You can also ask questions with commenting this page.

How to Complete Gone Missing in Folk (Fork) Town Quest

  • Go to Folk Village and meet Jed, right click on him.
  • Jed will tell you that many villagers has vanished recently and he will want your help.
  • Click on “You got it” button to accept the quest.
  • Now you should go to graveyard and kill some undying.
  • You need these quest items to complete the task: 3 Apples of Moradon, 1 Emelie ring.
  • Creatures in graveyard are going to drop these items for you.
  • After you collect the items, go to Folk Village and meet Jed.
  • Right click on him and deliver the items with clicking on “Well…”.
  • You complete the quest and earn your rewards now.


  • 300.000 Experience Points

Tips for Gone Missing in Folk Town Quest

  • Jared will ask you to kill Undying for get quest items however Undyings hardly drop Apples of Moradona and Emelie Ring. We recommend you to try kill Rotten Eyes for the ring and worms for Apples.

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