How to Do 1st Job Change?

1st Job change is the most important quest for you on Knight Online. You will choose your path with this task and you will learn advanced skills for your character. (Example: You can focus on to be an archer or an assassin after this quest. You can be a lightning, fire or ice mage) This quest is going to appear automatically after you reach 10th level in the game. Reaching 10th level is one of requirements of the task and you need to have 3,000 coin in your inventory at the least. If you don’t have enough coins to complete 1st Job Change quest, you can do some other quests of Guard Patrick and gain some more coins. If you have all required coins and the level, you will need to visit Grand Merchant Kaishan in Moradon Castle. You can do the following steps for complete to task.

How to Complete 1st Job Change in Knight Online

  • Go to Grand Merchant Kaishan in Moradon Castle.
  • Select Kaishan and right click on him.
  • Select “1st job change [Under way]” button.
  • Click on “Job change will now take place” button.
  • And done! Now you can learn your class-based skills.


  • You won’t get any reward after you complete this task. However you will earn your skills though.

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