Kaishan’s Trust Quest

Kaishan is Grand Merchant of Moradon Castle and it is important to gain his trust for completing Gaining Trust mission of Potrang. You can meet him at Moradon Castle and get the task for completing Gaining Trust mission. We have introduced his daughter Menissiah for you on our pages before. It is not very hard to complete this task. You will finish this quest approximately 4-10 minutes. You will need to bring 20 apples of Moradon to him for completing the quest. Let’s tell you how to complete the quest.

Many thanks to VandalTurk for taken a picture with me. (Click Image to Enlarge)

How to Complete Kaishan’s Trust Quest on Knight Online

  1. Firstly go to Moradon if you are outside of the castle. Clicking to “Town” button will teleport you in Moradon immediately.
  2. Go north in the castle until you see Kaishan. He is just close to Bilbor.
  3. Right click on Grand Merchant Kaishan and click on “Kaishan’s trust” button.
  4. He will ask you to do favor and you need him to ask “What kind of favor?”.
  5. He will ask you to bring 20 Apples of Moradon.
  6. Click on “Accepted” to get quest.
  7. Town again to get closer to gates of Moradon Castle.
  8. Go out of castle and kill some worms.
  9. Loot 20 apples of Moradon from the chests and turn back to castle through clicking on town.
  10. Go meet with Kaishan again.
  11. Right click on him and select “Kaishan’s Trust [Before Compensation]” button.
  12. Click on “Complete” button to finish quest.


  • 15,000 Experience Points
  • Token that Represents Kaishan’s Trust (You will need this token for complete to task of Potrang)

Tips for Kaishan’s Trust Quest

  • You don’t need to kill a strong creature for this task. Any creature can drop apples of Moradon in Moradon Castle. You can go kill worms which are located out of the castle.

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