Kekoon (Kecoon) Captain Hunt Quest

Kekoon (also known as Kecoon) Captain hunt is a quest which can be taken from Guard Patrick in Moradon at Knight Online. Kecoon Captains are three times stronger than Kecoon and they are stronger than Kecoon Warriors. The quest appears after than you complete Werewolf Elimination.  Kecoon Captains are very close to Moradon Castle and you can easily head there. They are located west of the mining area in Moradon. If you know where are Kecoons located, you can also find them.

How to Complete Kecoon Captain Hunt Quest

  • Go to Guard Patrick in Moradon and right click on him.
  • Click on Kecoon Captain hunt button. Then click on “Yes, I just saw him” button.
  • Then reward screen will appear in the game. Click on Accepted button and get the quest.
  • Get ready for killing Kecoon Captains. This quest is going to be easier for you than Werewolf Elimination.
  • Head to Kecoon area where is located near of mining area.
  • Kill 5 Kecoon Captains.
  • Then turn back to Moradon via clicking to town button and meet Guard Patrick again.
  • Right click on him and click on “Kecoon Captain hunt [Before Compensation]”.
  • Select one of Pearl Earring that suits your character stats.
  • Click on confirm button and complete the quest.


  • 11,250 Experience Points
  • 50,000 Coin
  • Pearl Earring +5 (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Health Point, Magic Power)

Tips for Kecoon Hunting Quest

  • Please ensure that you have potions in your inventory and skill bar.
  • Equip your best items before the quest.

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