Kekoon Warrior Hunt Quest

Kekoon (Kecoon) Warrior hunt is a quest that can take from Guard Patrick in Moradon. It is an easy task of Knigth Online and you can complete this task in a few seconds. That will not be hard for you. We have shown you how to hunt Kecoons in our latest pots. Kekoon Warriors are a little bit stronger than Kecoons, however they are not strong enough to kill you. You shouldn’t worry about that. You need to eliminate 5 warriors for this quest and then you will get some good rewards from Patrick. You can complete this quest about 2-3 minutes.

How to Complete Kecoon Warrior Hunt Quest on Knight Online

  • You need to go to Moradon and near of Patrick.
  • Right click on him and select “Kekoon Warrior Hunt”
  • He will tell you “Phew”. You can answer him with selecting “Is something wrong?”
  • Click on “I’ll go” button for accept to quest.
  • Kekoon Warriors are just near of mining area of Moradon. Go there and kill 5 warriors.
  • After you eliminate 5 warriors, turn back to Moradon Castle with town button.
  • Right click on Patrick and select “Kekoon Warrior Hunt [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Select a suitable reward for your character from the options and click on confirm to complete task.


  • 6,250 Experience Points
  • 2,000 Coin
  • 20 Water of Life
  • 10 Potion of Intelligence
  • Select one of these rewards: Pearl Earring +5 (Dexterity, Strength, Health Point, Intelligence, Magic Power)

Tips for Kekoon Warrior Hunt Quest

  • Be sure that you have already wear your the best weapon and armours.
  • Kecoon Warriors are aggressive, they are going to attack you if you get closer them.
  • Select your earring reward based on your character stats.

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