Left Behind Quest

Left behind quest can be taken from Jed in Folk Village at Knight Online. After Jed has seen Amelie as a zombie, he has disappointed much and he thinks that his fiancee is a monster now. He wants to leave her and he doesn’t want to face with her. He would like you to do a job for breaking his relationship with Amelie. This simple task won’t be too long for you and you can do it in seconds. This quest appears after you have proven that Amelie is a zombie with Pursuit at the Middle of the Night mission.

How to Complete Left Behind Quest

  • Go to Jed in Folk Village and right click on him.
  • Jed is going to tell you “How could this be? She became a monster… Please do me this favor. Can you keep this ring with you? When you see her someday I want you to give this to her. I need to protect this village.”
  • Tell him “I see” and get the quest. You will be rewarded immediately after you get the ring. You will have Jed ring item in your inventory now.
  • You don’t need to give the item to Amelie since the quest is completed.
  • There is no more love between Amelie and Jed now.


  • 25,000 Experience Point
  • Jed Ring (Craft  Item) +5 STR, +5 DEX, +5 INT, +5 INT, +5 HP Bonus.


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