Low-Level Weapon Production Quest

It is one of the quest we love to do since Hepa gives you a good unique weapon while you are newbie in Knight Online. Low-Level weapon production quest can be taken from Blacksmith Hepa and you will need to collect a few quest items to complete this mission.  Hepa is already making good weapons for players in the game. You can get a few different type of weapon with this quest. Let us tell you how to do this quest and how to complete it.

How to Complete Low-Level Weapon Production Quest of Hepa

  • Visit Blacksmith Hepa who is located west of Moradon Castle.
  • Right click on him and click on “Low-level weapon production”.
  • Hepa will give you information on how craftsmen create weapons and he is going to tell you about his discovery about creating weapons.
  • Click on “Confirm” and then click on “Accepted” to get the quest from black smith. Finally click on Town.
  • Now you will need to go to “Bulture” slot and collect 3 Bulture Horns and 3 Iron Bar.
  • Bultures are dropping these two items, so don’t worry that it will take too much time to gather them. It will take 5 minutes maximum to gather all items.
  • After you collect 3 Bulture Horns and 3 Iron Bar, click on town button for go to Moradon Castle and meet Hepa.
  • Right click on Hepa and click on “Low-Level Weapon Production [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on”Accepted” button to finish the mission and earn your rewards from the Blacksmith.


  • A unique weapon item for beginners.


  • Do not seek horns and iron bars with hunting another creature. Just go to Bulture slot and hunt them. You will obtain these items faster.
  • Check your bank and ensure that you haven’t stocked any iron bars.
  • If you have required items for the quest, you don’t need to hunt Bultures at all. Complete the quest immediately.

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