Mysterious Elixir Quest

Mysterious elixir quest can be taken from Jed in Folk Village and this task appears after you complete the Weapon Breaker task on the game. You will need to go to Mora Island again to complete this task and you will need to eliminate one of pirate captains. Jed will ask you to deliver him a quest item which Pirate Captains will drop. However you should be careful while attacking them since there will be many pirate members around. Almost every captains are dropping these items, so it will be enough for you to kill one. Let us give you more information about this quest and give you information on rewards and tips.

How to Complete Mysterious Elixir Quest

  • Meet Jed in Folk Village, right click on him and select “Mysterious Elixir”.
  • Jed will give a little information about the quest and you need to click on “You got it. Please leave!” and you will take the quest.
  • You need to go to Mora Island now and kill one of Pirate Captains.
  • Go to Moradon with clicking on town and go to Moradon Port.
  • Meet Portman and right click on him, click on “Move to the island!” button.
  • You need to kill a Black Pirate Captain first.
  • After his death, he will transform into a Raged Captain and you will need to eliminate him too.
  • When you killed the Raged Captain, he will drop a chest and there will be a quest item which is called “Curious Reagent”. Loot it from chest.
  • Turn back to Moradon and go to Folk Village to meet Jed again.
  • Click right on Jed, select “Mysterious Elixir¬†[Before Compensation]” and then click on confirm button to complete quest.


  • 75,000 Experience Points

Tips for Mysterious Elixir

  • Black Pirate members are aggressive creatures and Black Pirate Captain hurts. If you go into them, they may hurt you. Lure captain with a skill from the range and kill that alone.

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