Not Enough Time Quest

Not enough time mission can be taken by Warrior Jed in Folk Village in Knight Online. This quest is simple and easy.  The quest appears after you complete The Smuggler Excuse mission. You need to have 4 apples of Moradon to complete it. You can obtain these quest items from any creature in Moradon. If you already have these items in your inventory, you can complete it immediately. If you don’t have it, you can go kill any easy creature and complete the task. We are going to tell you how to get this task, how to complete it and we will mention about rewards and some tips.

How to Complete Not Enough Time Quest

  • Go to Folk Village and visit Jed in the village.
  • Right click on him, then select “How”, “You got it”.
  • You are ready to go to hunt creatures now. You need 4 apples to complete it.
  • Go any creature you want to kill and try gather 4 apples.
  • After you collect to quest items (Apples of Moradon), Turn back to Jed in Moradon and complete the task.
  • After you complete this task, Jed is going to give you 3 more quests. We are going to give detailed information on these tasks too.


  • 75,000 Experience Points

Tips for Not Enough Time

  • Jed will ask you to gather Apples of Moradon from Scorpions, however you can kill something easier to gather these apples. Such as worms, bandicoots, bulcans and kecoons.

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