Obtaining Food Quest

Obtaining Food is a quest that you can take from Potrang in Moradon at Knight Online. It is very easy quest to do and Potrang will return experience and some golds to you if you manage to complete it. You can get this quest after you have complete to Bandicoot quest which you can take from Guard Patrick. It is very easy to complete since you will need to kill worms and earthworms. These monsters are just outside of Moradon Castle walls. When you go out of the gates of the castle, you will see worms and you can kill them easily. You don’t need to be very powerful to complete this task.

How to Complete Obtaining Food Quest

  1. If you are not in Moradon Castle, use warp gate and teleport to Moradon.
  2. Town and visit to Potrang. He is just located near of upstairs of Moradon Castle.
  3. Select Potrang and right click on him. There will be some quest options for you.
  4. Select “Obtaining Food” from quests.
  5. Potrang will want your assistance for hunting worms and retrieve Apples of Moradon for him.
  6. If you would like to accept to quest click on “Yes, sir”.
  7. If you don’t have any apples of Moradon, go outside of gates to hunt worms. If you have some of them, complete the quests immediately.
  8. Worms are just located out of Moradon. Go outside of Moradon and go east just after you passes walls.
  9. Kill worms and try find 2 apples of Moradon.
  10. After you loot required items, click on town to return to the castle.
  11. Go to Potrang again for retrieving items.
  12. Select Potrang and right click on him again and select Obtaining Food [Before Compensation].
  13. Then click on complete button to finish the quest.


  • 250 Experience Points
  • 2,000 Coin

Tips for Obtaining Food Quest

  • Equip the best armors and weapons in your inventory.
  • Don’t forget to place skills you need to your skill bar.
  • This quest is not based on monster killing. You will need to loot quest items for complete it. So do not forget to open chest.

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