Pursuit at the Middle of the Night Quest

Pursuit at the middle of the night is a quest that can be taken from Jed in Folk Village. Warrior Jed is responsible with security of the village and villagers has started to vanishing near of the graveyard. Jed has been suspicious about that and have given you Gone Missing in Folk Town mission. You have find some certain evidence in the mission and Jed’s love Amelie’s ring. However people keep vanishing and he doesn’t want to wait anymore and he will want you to visit graveyard in this quest. This task appears after you complete the Amelie’s Truth mission in Folk Village. We are going to give you details about how to complete this quest here and about the rewards.

How to Complete Pursuit at the Middle of the Night Quest

  • Go to Jed and right click on him.
  • Jed will tell you, people are still missing in the village and he will ask you to go to Graveyard.
  • Click on “Accepted” button to get the quest and go to Graveyard.
  • You will see the Amelie in Graveyard, right click on her and she will be transformed into a Zombie. (There will be a few conversations, just next them all.)
  • Kill Transformed Amelie in graveyard and click on town when you are done with killing.
  • Go to Folk village and visit Warrior Jed, right click on him.
  • You will see that Jed is shocked. Just click on ! button to get your rewards and complete the task.


  • 300,000 Experience Points


  • This is a part of a huge quest combination. Go on to talk to Jed for get more quest.

1 Review

  1. Well. The most dramatic quest of the game. Jed’s pure love ends up with a huge disappointment. Felt quite sad about him. Lol. I hate to do this task but exp is very good.

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