Rest of Soul Quest

Rest of Soul mission just appear after you complete the Unknown Warrior’s Song Quest in Knight Online and this quest is also Nameless Warrior’s mission. You can meet him near graveyard and you can get this easy quest. You will be awarded with good amount of experience, HP recovery potions, MP recovery potions and an accessory after you complete the rest of soul mission. You don’t need to collect quest items for this mission. You will need to hunt some creatures. If you don’t know how to meet Nameless Warrior, you can head north from Folk Village until you see Skeletons and then turn west.

How to Complete Rest of Soul Quest

  • Go to Folk Village and head north of the village until you see skeletons. From skeletons turn north-west, you will see a graveyard and some zombies there. Meet Nameless Warrior there and right click on him.
  • Nameless Warrior is going to tell you a story. Just click on “Keep listening to story…” button and then “Well” button.
  • You will see the quest and reward screen now. Click on “Help” button to get the quest.
  • Nameless Warrior will ask you to kill 5 Rotten Eyes.
  • You can see these creatures just nearby.
  • Kill 5 of them and turn back to Nameless Warrior and right click on him. Click on Confirm button to earn rewards and complete the quest.


  • 125,000 Experience Points
  • 50 Water of Grace (360 HP Recovery Potion)
  • 40 Potion of Wisdom (960 MP Recovery Potion)
  • Select One of These Rewards: Pearl Earring +6 (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Health, Magic Power)


  • Rotten Eyes are aggressive creatures, if you go into the them, they all are going to hit you. Try lure while hunting them or attack from the range or hit Rotten Eye which is standing other of them.
  • We recommend you to pick the reward which has an important stat for you. (Example: Strength for Warrior, Dexterity for Rogue)

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