Safe Emigration Path Quest

Safe Emigration Path quest appears after you complete the Mysterious Elixir mission on Knight Online. You can obtain this quest from Jed and he will ask you to kill 4 kind of creatures in the quest. If you are not strong enough this quest can be a tough option for you. Since you will need to kill Battalions, Rotten eyes, Wild Smilodon and dire wolves. Some of these creatures can be very tanky and some of them makes a good damage. If you find a party in areas of these creatures, we recommend you to join them. You will need to 3 of these creatures, you can also give a try to do the task alone too.

How to Complete Safe Emigration Quest

  • Go to Folk Village, find Jed and right click on him.
  • Click on “Safe emigration path” (Sometimes you don’t even need it since Jed will give the task to you directly.
  • Jed will talk to you about Portu and Human immigration to Moradon Castle. Click on “Of course you are”. Then “You got it, Please leave!”.
  • Now you are ready for complete the task.
  • Firstly go to Dire Wolf slot and kill 3 of them.
  • You will see Wild Smilodons very close to dire wolves. You will need to kill 3 of them too.
  • Next slot you should go is graveyard. There are Rotten Eyes and Battalions there. You will need to kill 3 of both creature types.
  • After you hunt in graveyard, you will be ready to complete the quest.
  • Click on town button and return to Moradon. Go to Folk Village through to warp gate and meet with Jed again and right click on him.
  • Click on “Confirm” button to complete the task and earn your rewards.


  • 125,000 Experience Points

Tips for Safe Emigration Path Quest

  • Battalions and some other creatures are hard to kill if you are at low level. You can get help from a party. If you will hunt alone, don’t forget to take several potions and equip your items.

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