Save Moradon Quest

Save Moradon is a quest that can be taken from Jed in Folk village. Your task is killing pirates that threatens the Moradon Castle and Jed is going to ask your help for eliminating 10 of these creatures. We are going to tell you how to do this quest on here, we are going to give you some tips and will tell you about rewards. You can take this quest from Warrior Jed after you complete the Not Enough Time mission.

How to Complete Save Moradon Quest

  • Go to Jed in Folk Village. Right click on him and click on “Save Moradon.”
  • Jed will give you information on Pirates. Confirm anything Jed says and take the task.
  • You will need to eliminate 10 Black Pirate member to complete this task.
  • Go to Moradon with clicking on “town” button.
  • Go to Moradon Port where looters located and talk with Portman there.
  • Select “Move to Island” to go to Mora Island.
  • After you arrive the island, you will see many black pirate members there.
  • Eliminate 10 of them and turn back to Moradon Castle with town. You will receive good amount of experience points from each pirate kills.
  • Go one of warp gates in the castle and teleport to Folk Village.
  • Meet with Jed there again and right click on  him.
  • Select “Save Moradon [Before Compensation]” button and click on confirm to finish quest.


  • 75,000 Experience Points

Tips for Save Moradon

  • You can not arrive to Mora Island through walking or running. You will need to ask Portman to sail there with you. He will bring you to the island immediately.
  • When you disembark at the island, you will face with black pirate members immediately. So get ready.
  • Don’t forget to get a few HP potions near of you before the starting the quest.
  • Pirates are aggressive, they can hit you if you get closer them. Keep your eyes on your HP.

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