Sharine? Quest

“Sharine?” quest of Knight Online can be taken in Folk Village from Warrior Jed. This is just a chat quest and you need to find out where is Sharine? You will receive good amount of experience with this task in a few seconds. Chat tasks are fun and the easiest ones. You can find out more detailed information on “Sharine?” task on this page. If you have any questions, you can comment this page and ask us.

How to Complete “Sharine?” Quest

  • Visit Jed in Folk Village and right click on him
  • Click on “Come on, please” button.
  • Jed will tell you she is a monster and some more details. Click on “(Often stone of light flashes)” and then “You got it”.
  • Warrior Jed is going to ask you to deliver “Amelie’s spirits fragment” to Sharine.
  • Since you have killed the zombie form of Amelie in Pursuit at the Middle of the Night mission, you will already have this item or Jed will also give you the item.
  • Click right on Jed again.
  • He will understand that, she has been transformed by someone else.
  • Click on “I will find him again someday Amelie” and you should find the Sharine now.
  • Click on Town button and go to Moradon Castle.
  • Go to warp gate and teleport to Tale Village.
  • You will find the Sharine in Tale village.
  • Right click on Sharine and he will start to ask questions to you.
  • Click on these step by step: “Hands (Amelia honseok to)”, “Amelie (and what?)”, “Hmm. The drive key whilst experimenting with honseok”…
  • Finally click on “I see” button and finish the quest.



  • 25,000 Experience Points



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