Silk Spool Quest in Knight Online

Silk Spool is the first quest of Menissiah in Knight Online. You can do this quest after you have done obtaining food quest of Potrang. Menissiah is just located near of Potrang and Karus warp gate in Moradon. You can find her easily. She is going to give you three easy quests and she will reward you handsomely. Silk spool is one of these easy quests and you will need to kill a few worms to complete this tasks. Let’s tell you how to get quest from NPC, how to do the quest and how to finish it. You can also watch our video to understand our tutorial better, there will be also step by step guideline for you.

How to Complete Silk Spool Quest

  • Go to Moradon if you are not there and click on “Town” button.
  • Meet Menissiah who will give you the silk spool task. You can go through west after you click on town.
  • Click on “Silk Spool” button to talk about the mission.
  • Menissiah will mention about the quest to you. Just click on “OK^^*” button and go further.
  • You will see rewards screen in the game. Click on “Accepted” button for getting the quest.
  • Now you should go kill a few worms for collecting Apples of Moradon.
  • Collect 2 Apples of Moradon from the chests and click on town and go back to Menissiah.
  • Select Menissiah and right click on her. Then select “Silk Spool [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on exchange to earn your reward.


  • 250 Experience Points
  • 2,500 Coin

Tips for Silk Spool Quests

  • Check your weapons, health potions and armors.
  • Check if your skills has been placed at skill bar
  • Don’t forget to open all chests to finish your task as soon as possible.


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