Smirdons Hides Quest

Smirdons Hides quest is a kind of mission that looks like Smirdons Meat. You can also get this quest after you complete meat quest of Berret in Folk Village. This time, Berret will ask you to kill wild smilodons though. (However you don’t need to kill them at all) You will need to deliver 2 apples of Moradon to Berret for this quest. We are going to give you information on how to complete smirdons hides quest on this page. If you have any questions about the mission, you can ask us via reviewing this quest at the bottom of this page.

How to Complete Smirdons Hides Quest

  • Go to Folk Village, find Berret and right click on him.
  • Click on “What I can do to help” button to see next quest screen.
  • Berret will ask you to bring 2 apples of Moradon to him.
  • Click on “I’ll go” for getting the quest.
  • If you already have 2 apples in your inventory, complete the quest immediately. However if you don’t have them, you can go kill any creature in Moradon Castle. Most of creatures are dropping apples of Moradon. We recommend you to kill worms for complete the quest as soon as possible.
  • After you get 2 apples in your inventory, go back to Folk Village and right click on Berret again.
  • Click on “Exchange” button to earn your rewards and complete the Smirdons Hides mission.


  • 625,000 Experience Points


  • Do not waste your time with searching Wild Smilodons and gather apples from them. Kill a weaker monster (example: Worms) and gather apples of Moradon from them.

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