Smirdons Meat Quest

This is an easy quest which you will receive good amount of experience rewards with only  two apples of Moradon. This quest appears after you complete the Wolf Products mission of Berret. You also need to take this quest from Berret in Folk village too. Let us tell you how to complete this quest easily without hunting Smilodons.

How to Complete Smirdons Meat Quest on Knight Online

  • Go to Folk Village and meet Berret there, right click on him. Select “Smirdons Meat” button.
  • Then click on “What Can I do to Help” button.
  • Berret will ask you to kill smilodons and gather 2 apples of Moradon from them.
  • Click on “I’ll go” button to accept the quest.
  • If you have enough amount of apples in your inventory, complete this quest immediately.
  • If you don’t have any of these items, just click on town and kill some worms at Moradon Castle.
  • Dropping rate of apples is very high at worms and it is very easy to hunt them. Kill them and gather 2 apples.
  • Turn back to Folk Village and meet Berret again. Right click on him and click on “Smirdons Meat  [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on “Exhange” button to receive your rewards and complete the quest!


  • 625,000 Experience Points


  • You do not need to kill Smilodons for this quest. You can also gather apples of Moradon from any creatures in Moradon Castle. You can go kill worms in front of the castle and gather many of them in a short time. You will also need these quest items at incoming missions. We recommend you to get 30-50 apples at the least.


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