Stop Decrease in Morale Quest

Stop decrease in morale quest can be taken in Folk Village from Mercenary Adjutant Lazi. You will receive a good unique weapon for beginners after you complete this quest. If you are using one handed weapons like Assassins, you can also get the second weapon as a reward. Completing this quest is quite easy and fun. We are going to tell you how to complete this quest and we are going to give you some details.

How to Complete Stop Decrease in Morale Quest in Knight Online

  • Go to Folk Village and meet Lazi there. Right click on him and click on “Stop Decrease in Morale” button.
  • Lazi will give you information about Monster attack and he will ask your help. Click on “Ok, I see” button and then click on “Help.” button to get the quest.
  • Lazi will ask you to kill Skeletons and bring apples of Moradon to him. However you can do this quest with hunting another creature and loot apples from them.
  • Go kill some creatures in Moradon and collect 3 apples for complete this quest. After you collected apples, turn back to Folk Village and meet Lazi again. Right click on him and click on “Stop Decrease in Morale [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on exchange button to get your rewards and finish the mission.


  • Two (or more) kind of unique weapons (beginner) that you can use.
  • 50.000 Experience points


  • You don’t need to go kill Skeletons for this quest. You can gather apples of Moradon from many creatures in Moradon or near of Folk Village.
  • Don’t forget to select your reward which is related with your class. If you are assassin, get a dagger… If you are archer, get a bow…

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