Subdual of Silan Quest

Subdual of Silan quest can be taken from Guard Patrick on Knight Online. The quest can be taken from Moradon and it is one of the easiest tasks of the game since it is for beginners. You can just take this quest after subdual of vulture. You will need to eliminate a few silans for this quest. We recommend you to have a few HP potions for this quest since silans are quite tanky and they are going to hit you.

How to Complete Subdual of Silan Quest

  • Visit Guard Patrick in Moradon Castle and right click on him.
  • Click on “Subdual of Silan”
  • Then click on “Is there anything I can do to help”.
  • Click on “Accepted” button to get quest.
  • Patrick is going to tell you “It should be a boon to your ability enhancement. Thank you”. Click on “Confirm” to get quest.
  • Go out of Moradon and follow the path until you see silans on the path.
  • Kill 5 silans to complete to quest.
  • Go Moradon back and visit Patrick again. Right click on him.
  • Click on “Subdual of Silan [Before Compensation]”
  • Select one of the rewards which is suitable for your class.
  • Click on confirm button to complete the quest.


  • 17,500 Experience Points
  • 150,000 Coin
  • Select One of These Rewards: +6 Half Plate Helmet (Warriors), +6 Rogue Helmet, +6 Priest Helmet, +6 Mage Linen Cap

Tips for Subdual of Silan Quest

  • If you don’t have a good weapon, Silans may hurt you. We recommend you to have a few HP potions near of you.
  • Wear your best equipment.
  • Check your skill bar before start to hunt.

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