Subdual of Vulture Quest

Subdual of Vulture (Also known as Bulture) quest can be taken from Guard Patrick on Knight Online. You will need to eliminate some vultures for complete the quest. It is an easy beginner quest. You will able to do it easily when you are at 15th – 20th levels. You won’t need to loot any quest item for complete it. You can easily find vultures out of Moradon Castle if you follow the path to outside. Let us tell you how to complete this quest and give you some tips.

How to Complete Subdual of Vulture Quest

  • Go to Patrick who is located in Moradon Castle. Right click on him and click on “Subdual of Vulture”.
  • Patrick will ask you assistance for protecting the Moradon Castle. Click on “Is there anything I can do to help?”.
  • In the new screen you will see what you need to do and your future rewards if you complete to quest.
  • Click on “Accepted” to get quest and then “Confirm”
  • You will need to kill 5 Vultures for the quest. Vultures are already called as Bulture on the game.
  • Go outside of Moradon and follow the path until you see Bultures.
  • Eliminate 5 Bultures to complete the task and turn back to Moradon.
  • Go to Guard Patrick again and right click on him. Select “Subdual of Vulture [Before Compensation]”
  • Select one of the belts as reward and click on confirm to complete the quest.


  • 13,750 Experience Points
  • Select one of these rewards: Low Fur Belt +5 (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Magic Power, Health Point)

Tips for Subdual of Vulture

  • Follow the path which goes out of Moradon Castle to find Bultures.
  • Vulture is Bulture as a creature on Knight Online. Seek for Bultures only. If you search Vultures, you won’t find them.
  • Vultures are aggressive creatures. If you attack them melee, some of them may attack you with group and they can hurt you.
  • Don’t forget to get some HP potions near of you. Check your equipment and skillbar before the attack.

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