Suspicious Smuggler Quest

After you complete the Aiding Fork Town task, you can take a new quest from Warrior Jed in Folk Village. This is going to be easy task for you since you only need to kill 2 creatures who are called as Guard of Black Marketer. These guards are hired by a pirate and Jed will ask your help to eliminate them. If you are not close to Warrior Jed and don’t know how to head there, you can use our guideline here. There will be also information on quest, how to complete it, rewards and some tips.

How to Complete Suspicious Smuggler Quest

  • If you are not close to Folk Village, click town and go to Moradon Castle.
  • Go El Morad warp gate or Karus warp gate and right click on the gate.
  • Select Folk Village and transport there.
  • Go west in the village (Don’t go out of Village) and meet Jed there.
  • Click right on the Jed and click on “Have something to say about me” button.
  • Click on “accepted” button to get the quest.
  • At the back side of Folk Village buildings, you are going to find a NPC called Black Marketer.
  • Click right on him and click on “Suspicious Amsangin”.
  • Then click on “Shows the secret book.” and “Were pirates and pestle” button.
  • Then click on “No. By pirates they beggar…” button.
  • After you click on the last button, 2 guards of Black Marketer will appear and they will start to hit you.
  • Kill all guards.
  • Go to near of Jed again and right click on him.
  • Click confirm button to complete the quest.


  • 75,000 Experience Points

Tips for Suspicious Smuggler

  • Go to the building most in the east in Folk Village to find Black Marketer. He is located backwards of the building.
  • 2 Guards of Black Marketer can hurt you much. Don’t forget to place your HP potions to your skill bar. Try step away near of Black Marketer after you click on “No. By pirates they beggar…” button.
  • If any guard disappears, talk to Black Marketer again, guard will appear.

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