The Beautiful Amelie Quest

The Beautiful Amelie is a quest which is based on a love of Jed on a refugee woman Amelie. Jed wants to give some gifts to Amelie for confess his love to her. However he couldn’t go out because he is responsible with security of the village. He will ask you to gather some Apples of Moradon for him.

How to Complete The Beautiful Amelie Quest

  • Jed will ask you “Did you see? Click on “What?”
  • He will tell you “Gorgeous woman among those refugees.” Click on “Huh? Do you have one of those?”
  • He will tell you “You must be blind.” Click on “There is no specific attention to women before.”
  • He will ask you to do a favor. Click on “(Do not know why this morbid anxiety)”
  • He will ask you to tell his love to that woman. However he wants give some apples of moradon to her. He will ask you to gather some these quest item to you. Accept it and go kill a few creatures to get 2 Apples of Moradon.
  • After you gather 2 apples, return to Jed and right click on him.
  • Click on confirm button to get rewards and complete the task.


  • 125,000 Experience Points
  • 2 Apples of Moradon

Tips for The Beautiful Amelie Quest

  • Jed will ask you to kill Zombies for this quest. However any creature can drop apples of Moradon. You can go kill something easier around of village to gather 2 apples.

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