The Smuggler Excuse Quest

You can get this quest after you complete the Suspicious Smuggler mission. You will need to visit Jed for the quest and he will give you the mission on Black Marketer again. Your mission is asking Black Marketer to confessing his crimes. It is an easy quest that won’t take your too much time and you won’t need to kill any creature or NPC for this quest. You need to visit Black Marketer and tell him demands of Jed. You will receive good amount of Experience points with this easy task. We are going to tell you how to do this quest step by step and we are going to mention about the rewards.

How to Complete The Smuggler Excuse Quest

  • Go to Folk Village if you are not there. You can use El Morad or Karus warp gates for this.
  • Meet Jed and right click on him.
  • Click on “You got it! Please leave!” button and get the quest.
  • Now you will need to visit Black Marketer again.
  • Right click on Black Marketer.
  • Select “Amsangin Excuse”, “Mora, near the island of pirates nowadays you know?”, “Torture as long as you do not die”, “Not simulate it”.
  • Now you received all required items to complete the task. These are: Testimony of Merhant and Pirate’s Invasion Journal.
  • Now you should head back to Jed and deliver items to him.
  • Right click on Jed and “Confirm” to complete the quest.


  • 75,000 Experience Points.


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