Trade with Menissiah Quest

Trade with Menissiah Quest is a beginner quest on Knight Online. It is quite easy and it will make you earn some upgrade scrolls for low level weapons. If you have any good low class weapon, you can use these scrolls on them. You will need to loot some quest items to complete this quest. You need to talk to Menissiah and earn the reward. Let us give you information about the quest on this page.

How to Complete Trade with Menissiah Quest

  • Go to Moradon Castle and go near of Menissiah who is located near of Karus warp gate.
  • Select Menissiah with your mouse and right click on her.
  • Select “Trade with Menissiah” from the quest options.
  • She will tell you “Low Level Elemental Scroll? Did I have that?”.
  • Click on “Confirm” button.
  • Then she will tell you “Ah, here it is! This what you wanted? … “
  • Tell her “Yes, I need it”.
  • She will ask you to deliver 5 Apples of Moradon to her.
  • Click on “Accepted” button.
  • Go outside of Moradon Castle and kill a few worms.
  • Collect 5 Apples of Moradon from the chests and click on town button to return Moradon Castle.
  • Meet Menissiah and right click on her.
  • Click on “Trade with Menissiah [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on “Exchange” button for rewards.


  • 3 Elemental Scroll (Low Class Item)

Tips for Trade with Menissiah

  • Menissiah will ask you to kill Werewolves to gather Apples of Moradon, however this item can be gathered from almost all creatures. You can go out from the Castle and kill a few worms to loot some items.

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