Weapon Breaker Quest

Weapon Breaker is a tricky quest of Knight Online. You can get this quest from Jed in Folk Village and the quest appears after you complete the Save Moradon mission on Mora Island. Jed will ask for Apples of Moradon for you, however he will want you to gather these quest items from Black Pirate members from the Island. We don’t recommend you to head Mora Island since pirates don’t drop apples at all. You can gather these quest items from other creatures near Folk Village or Moradon Castle.

How to Complete the Weapon Breaker Quest

  • Go to Folk Village and meet Jed there, right click on him and select “Weapon Breaker”.
  • After you select the quest, Jed will give you information about your mission.
  • You need to click to “You got it. Please leave!” and you will get the quest.
  • Go kill a few scorpions near the Folk Village or something else.
  • They will drop some apples of Moradon. You need just two of them to complete the mission.
  • After you collect all these quest items, turn back to Jed and right click on him.
  • Select “Weapon Breaker [Before Compensation]” and then click on “Confirm” button to complete the quest.


  • 75,000 Experience Points

Tips for Weapon Breaker

  • Do not go to Mora Island for hunting Black Pirate members since they don’t drop any apples. You can hunt any creature in Moradon Castle to get apples.

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