Werewolf Elimination Quest

Werewolf Elimination quest appears after Subdual of Silan on Knight Online. You can this task from Guard Patrick in Moradon and it’s an easy task for beginners of Knight Online.  You will need to eliminate some werewolves for this quest and you can find them near of Silans. Werewolves will be the most serious task for you as a beginner. If you have a good weapon, you can complete this quest easily. If you don’t have a good one, we recommend you to have some HP potions in your inventory and the skill bar.

How to Complete Werewolf Elimination Quest

  • Go to Moradon Castle and visit Guard Patrick. Right click on him.
  • Select “Werewolf Elimination” from quest options.
  • Then click on “Is there anything I can do to help?” button.
  • In next screen, you will see rewards that you get after you complete the task.
  • Click on “Accepted” and then “Confirm” button to get quest.
  • Go to Werewolf location where is located near of Silans
  • Kill 5 Werevolves and return to Moradon Castle.
  • Right click on Guard Patrick.
  • Click on Werewolf Elimination [Before Compensation]
  • Select one of rewards which is suitable for your character. There are rewards for each classes.
  • Click on confirm button to complete to quest.


  • 15,000 Experience Points
  • +6 Half Plate Boots (Warriors), +6 Rogue Boots, +6 Priest Boots, +6 Mage Linen Boots

Tips for Werewolf Elimination

  • Werewolves will hurt you if you can not kill them in one shot. Get a few HP potions in your inventory. Don’t forget to place them in your skill bar.
  • Equip your best weapon.
  • Try hunt with range skills if you have any effective one.

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