Werewolf Skin Quest

Werewolf skin quest is very easy quest that you can do on Knight Online. Because Guard Patrick is asking you to deliver him some Apples of Moradon. You can find these quest items at any creature in Moradon Castle. So you can even get these apples from worms too. You can get this quest after you complete the Giant Gavolt hunt. It will take your a minute or less than a minute to complete this task. Let’s tell you how to complete Werewolf Skin quest on Knight Online.

How to Complete Werewolf Skin Quest

  • Visit Patrick on Moradon and right click on him.
  • Click on “Werewolf Skin” button and then click on “Confirm” button.
  • Reward screen will appear on your game window. Click on accepted to get quest.
  • Go out of Moradon and kill some worms. Open chests and try gather 5 apples of Moradon from chests.
  • After you collected all ques items, click on town button and go back to Moradon.
  • Meet Patrick again and right click on him.
  • Click on “Werewolf Skin [Before Compensation]” button.
  • Click on “Exchange” button to get your Experience reward and complete the quest.


  • 75,000 Experience Points

Tips for Werewolf Skin Quest

  • Guard Patrick is going to ask you to hunt Werewolves. However it’s not recommended. Because Guard Patrick is only asking for 5 apples of Moradon. These quest items can be obtained from many weak creatures like worms and bandicoots. You can go kill a few worms outside of the gates.

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