Worm Hunting Quest on Knight Online

Worm hunting is the first mission of Knight Online, you will get experience, noah (game currency) and some items if you complete this easy task. You don’t need to know much or your character doesn’t need to be too powerful to complete this quest. We are going to give you information on how to do this quest step by step.

How to Complete Worm Hunting Quests

  1. If you are in Moradon, click on Town or type /town to the chat screen.
  2. Find Sentinel (or Guard) Patrick at Moradon. If you don’t know where is he, please click here to get information on location of Patrick.
  3. Right click on Guard Patrick and he will tell you he needs help with fighting worms outside of the gate Moradon.
  4. Click on “What can I do to help?” button.
  5. He will ask you to kill 5 worms.
  6. Go to outside of Moradon and turn east just after you pass to walls of castle. You can watch our video above for locate to worms. It is easy to find though.
  7. Kill 5 worms and don’t forget to loot chests. Don’t forget that you are a beginner. You will need money and quest items.
  8. After you kill 5 worms, click on town and talk to Patrick again.
  9. Click on confirm button to complete to quest.
  10. You will receive 50 experience points. 10 Holy Water (HP Potion), 5 Potion of Spirit (Mana Potion) and 2000 coin.
  11. You can do your next quests now.

Tips for Worm Hunting Quests

  • Don’t forget to equip your weapons and armour. Check your Inventory (I) and take a look at your armours and weapons.
  • Don’t forget to place your skills to your skill bar. Also You need to place Health Potions to your skill bar too.
  • Loot items from the chests. You will need anything for incoming quests and you will need coins.

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